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Ugly’s Bar & Grill – Restaurant Marketing

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Ugly’s came to us looking to rebrand itself as the city of Milwaukee was preparing for some massive changes in 2012. The entire downtown area was being reshaped and they wanted a brand that would match the energy of this new generation. 

 We took the Ugly’s duck brand that they had and turned it and the name into something more. Focusing on giving the word “ugly” a whole new meaning, a name that defined the weekend warrior of the millennial generation. A group that works all week with an eye on the weekend, only to wake up the morning after and say…,”man things got ugly last night.” A statement that gave birth to the #getugly and our work began.

We came up with a strategy and deployed a full team of freelancers that delivered, logo design, business card design, menu design, videorgaphy, photography, social media content management, Facebook Ads, event marketing, POS marketing campaigns, influencer marketing, partnership marketing.

We also created a digital ticket sales funnel to build them the largest Halloween Party in the state of Wisconsin for 6 years with over 2,000 attendees per year.

This was one of our earliest and biggest projects that helped Ugly’s grow from $40,000 per month to $250,000+ per month in just 8 months. Leading to their continued success as our client for 8 years and growing to now be the only local bar in the new Milwaukee Bucks Deer District.

See our work and the journey we all went on together below.