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Speakpulse Product Hunt Launch


When we first connected with Speakpulse they were in the process of developing their Minimal Viable Product(MVP). This was their first company and they wanted to make sure that they created something that matched their target consumers needs. Creating an application that is a full loop software that helps students and job seekers get ahead through strong communication skills, with higher confidence, and without fear of face-to-face interaction.

Our job was to create a go-to-market strategy that would place them in front of their ideal consumers, position them as a leader in the market and to help them achieve international notoriety on the day of their launch. A task that many companies strive for but at times don’t know where to began or how to leverage the right channels even after they find it.

Our Ease concierge took the time to understand Speakpulse’s desired target consumer. Learning where they spent their time online and what it would take to get them involved in the conversation. Allowing them not only to test the product but to also provide feedback and even share the application with other experts that would provide feedback as well. 


The destination that we found that would be best suited for this was ProductHunt. Our concierge came up with a strategy that would bring together the founders, freelancers and product reviewers. 

A strategy that lead to Speakpulse becoming the #2 product of today on ProductHunt. The #1 destination online for product reviews and here is how we did it:

  1. We created a new brand identity that would give Speakpulse a voice. A voice that would ask the consumers what challenges they faced related to speech and what type of features they would look for in an app that could solve those problems.
  2. Following that we also reached out to one of the top hunters on ProductHunt to ask his feedback about the application. While also showing him the traction and conversation around the Speakpulse app already. This created interest and eventually lead to him agree to be the one to hunt the app. Who your hunter is accounts for 70% of the exposure and value that you get from ProductHunt. We knew this and how vital it was to find a top hunter so we asked for advice which lead to interest.
  3. We then selected a launch date for the Speakpulse to go live online. We monitored the traffic of ProductHunt and picked the highest traffic day to launch the product at midnight. Giving us a full 24hrs to gain maximum traction online. 
  4. After selecting the date we mobilized a street team of peers and online influencers who’s opinions would carry wait when chiming in.
  5. We also created a Facebook Chatbot that qualified and funneled leads into the application and also made them aware of the ProductHunt launch date.
  6. We launched and began notifying those in our community that the Speakpulse application was live on ProductHunt. Within the first hour Speakpulse was the #1 product on ProductHunt and held that position for over 12hrs. 
  7. After an entire day we received notice that Speakpulse had become the #2 product of the day and that it would be featured in the newsletter going out to over 100,000 people. 
  • Speakpulse Achieved over 750 download in 24hrs
  • Reached over 300,000 people in 7 days
  • Developed a new consumer product allowing speech pathologists to offer speech services to those on the app in need.
  • Over 30% of the users stated that they would like to receive this service when asked.
This was one of our most successful campaigns and a strategy that we can now duplicate for other startups looking to find a scalable way to go-to-market with early success. The exact type of traction that startup investors like to see.
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One Workplace – CET Designer Solution

one workplace

One Workplace came to us looking for a way to expand their talent reach outside of their geographical area. Talent within the San Francisco area is extremely expensive because of the highly inflated cost of living. Each year talent is moving outside from the area so the highly in demand talent such as the CET Designer that OWP uses have become hard to find.

This is a challenge that many companies face that are based within primary markets. A challenge that we have a great deal of experience with solving. Providing companies of all sizes access to our Ease Dashboard that allows for them to post jobs within it. Then their talent is filter using the following process:

  • We first took the time to understand the hiring team and their personality traits using psychometric, cognitive and skills assessments. The same assessments that we have each of our freelancers take to ensure that they are the right culture fit. 
  • After this we created a database of highly skilled CET Designers that had the right skills and personalities to succeed while working remotely. 
  • After this we reached out to Configura CET & Steelcase to establish a partnership that would allow us to be the first and only freelance marketplace to grant freelancers an on-demand license to CET and Steelcase Smart Tools Plugin.
  • This allowed us to create a unique marketplace that gave One Workplace access to talent outside of the San Francisco area. Giving them access to thousands of new CET Designers and saving as much as 40% per hire in the process. 
We were able to succeed at this by leveraging our proprietary freelance management system designed for managing large scale creative projects across geographical areas. Allowing teams to scale up and down as quickly as they need to and using our algorithm ensure that each team member added to those teams is both the right skill and culture fit.

With this model we can help large scale Interior Design organizations save millions of dollars per year by outsourcing work to the top CET designers in the US without sacrificing quality and accuracy. 


We are now expanding this offering to other Commercial Interior Design companies to connect them with the talent they need. Creating more jobs and giving those in non primary markets access to primary market jobs with Ease.

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Ugly’s Bar & Grill – Restaurant Marketing


Ugly’s came to us looking to rebrand itself as the city of Milwaukee was preparing for some massive changes in 2012. The entire downtown area was being reshaped and they wanted a brand that would match the energy of this new generation. 

 We took the Ugly’s duck brand that they had and turned it and the name into something more. Focusing on giving the word “ugly” a whole new meaning, a name that defined the weekend warrior of the millennial generation. A group that works all week with an eye on the weekend, only to wake up the morning after and say…,”man things got ugly last night.” A statement that gave birth to the #getugly and our work began.

We came up with a strategy and deployed a full team of freelancers that delivered, logo design, business card design, menu design, videorgaphy, photography, social media content management, Facebook Ads, event marketing, POS marketing campaigns, influencer marketing, partnership marketing.

We also created a digital ticket sales funnel to build them the largest Halloween Party in the state of Wisconsin for 6 years with over 2,000 attendees per year.

This was one of our earliest and biggest projects that helped Ugly’s grow from $40,000 per month to $250,000+ per month in just 8 months. Leading to their continued success as our client for 8 years and growing to now be the only local bar in the new Milwaukee Bucks Deer District.

See our work and the journey we all went on together below.

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GenoPalate – Influencer Marketing


GenoPalate had just raised over $2,000,000 in funding and were ready to attack the market. They came to Ease looking for a marketing solution that would be customized to meet their needs. A company focused on healthy eating, personalized just for you based on your genetic nutrition recommendations.

Our concierge took the time to set with them and understand not only their needs but also how their consumers think as well. Conceptualizing an influencer marketing strategy, building a freelance influencer pool, supply chain system, project management system and freelance videography team to go live with. 


Reaching 2.5 million customers per month while creating a brand that is known to a new body of customers within international markets.


gener8tor – Design & Video Animation

gener8tor is one of the nations fastest growing turnkey platforms for the creative economy that connects startups, entrepreneurs, artists, investors, universities and corporations. While growing at this rate they needed some added resources when launching their newest accelerator program in the Minneapolis market. 

Seeking to attract 5 of the best startups focused on insurtech to invest $100,000 in and provide them with office space and access to gener8tor’s global network of mentors and investors. 

Our concierge strategists understood their needs and built a freelance team to support them in creating graphic animations, video content, and with acquiring over 8,000 emails of insurtech founders and leaders to assist in seeking the next unicorn investment in insurtech to add into their fund.


YWCA USA – Graphic Design & Branding Strategy

YWCA Branding Project

When Alejandra Y. Castillo, Esq went from being the first Hispanic-American woman to lead the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) where she helped secure financing in excess of $19 billion, and creating or retaining over 33,00 jobs to becoming the new CEO of the YWCA USA she was on a mission for change. With being on of the “Top 100 Influential Latinos in the U.S.” she used her wit and reached out to her community to support her team where they were spread thin and we were there to help.

 Supporting them in everything from brand conceptualizing, logo design, business plan design, video content creation, to animations, we were there to support them every step of the way.


Providing them with a dedicated brand and marketing strategist who managed their freelance team who created over 65 pages of designs, logos, video animations and a podcast brand within 14 days.