Corporate Digital Transformation – Time Investment Company

Time Investment came to Ease with a vision to take a company that has been in business since 1981 into the future. Time Investment is a family-owned and operated third party lender that has funded almost $1 billion in loans. They have done this largely through traditional and nontechnical processes. This creates barriers as you grow and at the end of 2019 Time Investment made a decision to utilize Ease to undergo a company-wide digital transformation.

We were able to build them a team that took them from concept all the way through the deployment of a new business model that would take them over $1 billion in lending by the end of 2020.

Talent Sourced From Ease

corporate digital transformation
In the image above you will see how we thrive by working on the second horizon of growth to support digital transformation teams. We provide you access to top remote talent that will expand the capabilities of your internal team members. 

corporate digital transformation

We utilize the three box innovation process to do this effectively with our clients. If you review the diagram above you will see how this works.


Time Investment chose to build their entire marketing, design, sales, advertising, and development team with ease.


  • Remote Director Of Sales: 12+ month contract (former top 1% mortgage broker in the US)
  • Remote Director Of Marketing: 12+ month contract (5-time founder)
  • Remote Content Marketer: 12+ month contract
  • Remote Media Buyer: 12+ month contract (worked with WebFlow & Lumen5)
  • Remote Lead Designer: Dedicated OnDemand Designer (experience working with large financial institutions like Chase)
  • Remote Project Manager: 12+ month contract (formerly at Amazon)
  • Remote UI/UX Designer: Dedicated OnDemand (formerly at Kohls and Wells Fargo)
  • Remote Frontend Developer: 12+ month contract
  • Remote Backend Developer: 12+ month contract
  • Local OnDemand Videography Team

Getting Started


Every individual that is granted access to the Ease community must start by taking a cognitive and DISC assessment. This 30-minute assessment will allow us to index their culture, understand how they communicate and to better match them with talent that will thrive within their culture.



Cognitive and DISC Assessment

Identifying The Problem


Once we have established these core characteristics about the business we then begin our discovery process. In this case, Time Investment was eager to find new ways to digitize its entire consumer experience. In all of their decades in business, they had never focused on building a digital experience. The team needed to understand the challenges that users were facing and how they could create a digital solution to the problem. They had two unique user types that span across a multitude of industries.



End-User Challenges

  1. The Dealer/Service Provider: This can be a home improvement business, dental office, cosmetic surgeon or even a water treatment business.
  2. The Consumer/Lender: This is the dealers’ consumer that is purchasing the service or product.

Once the team had a clear understanding of the pain points of each user they could then build a solution for those problems. The solution was to switch from a traditional business to becoming a revolutionary Fintech based in West Bend, Wisconsin.

The team would have to manage projects that would support a multitude of departments with Time Investment.


The first step was to redesign the brand of time investment. Their original brand did not embody the characteristics of their new identity. The team also collaborated to create a culture logo that would capture the core values to be marketed within the business.



Before (top left), New Culture Logo (top right), New Brand Logo (bottom center)

User Experience Design

MVP Journey Map


The team then worked together to design a user flow and user experience funnel. The first thing that the design team focused on was the MVP journey map. This led to user flow and web map modeling:



TIC User Flow


We have a very experienced design team supporting TIC that followed the industry best practices from start to finish. This led to them working seamlessly in conjunction with TICs internal design team. Ensuring to follow every step from low fidelity design to full design and usability testing.



TIC Low Fidelity Design


TIC Web Design


This allowed the development team to be able to easily build a site that matched with the long-term goals of the organization.


Syncing Everyone Up


Ease Dashboard

Our Ease Dashboard allows for everything to be broken into individual projects. Allowing for great visibility on projects, variability on talent support, and increase velocity through having a tech-enabled team. This is what allowed us to rebrand and bring TIC’s new identity to market in only 90 days. Once the site was completed the market team began getting to work.

  • A freelance video team was deployed to shoot 16 videos for marketing ads.
  • SEO and SEM collaborated to create Search Insights Reports that created the foundation of the companies initial campaigns.
  • 15 Landing Pages we made for consumer funnel testing.
  • 9 unique single image ads were designed to support media buying and social campaigns.
  • On-Page Seo Strategy was deployed
  • Social Marketing Strategy was launched
  • and much more.

Ease Partner Perks Network

We know that both our corporate partners and talent that we connect them with need to access the best technologies on the market. This is why we have partnered with companies like Hubspot, SproutSocial, Configura and Steelcase SmartTools. This allows for everyone in our community to get the best rates on the technologies that they need to be successful. If you have any technologies that you use and think that we should partner with please let us know.

Time investment was able to get the best rate on the market for their Hubspot license through Ease. Giving them the tools that they needed to drive success through the new platform that they have created.

The Future Of Time Investment with Ease

Time Investment has chosen to make Ease their dedicated digital talent partner. Over the next 12 months, their team of top remote talent will focus on driving the success of their new virtual loan origination system. This success would not have been possible without Ease.

The talent within the geographical area of Time Investment was not the best fit for the organizations’ goals. Ease allowed them to eliminate the barriers of distance or bias and to chose the right person and placed them in the right seat. This team will now work with Time Investment to take them over $1 billion in lending. While also helping them to expand into three new industries around the nation.

This time next year Time Investment will be the largest family-owned third-party lender in the United States thanks to the support of their Ease team. This will be a long-term partnership that will allow for Time Investment to be adaptable by having the world’s top talent at their fingertips.

We would love to provide you with this same experience when you are thinking about a digital transformation. Our goal is to understand your vision and to connect you with the right people that can bring it to life.

If you are interested in learning more please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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