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Speakpulse Product Hunt Launch

Hire A Growth Marketer

When we first connected with Speakpulse they were in the process of developing their Minimal Viable Product(MVP). This was their first company and they wanted to make sure that they created something that matched their target consumers needs. Creating an application that is a full loop software that helps students and job seekers get ahead through strong communication skills, with higher confidence, and without fear of face-to-face interaction.

Our job was to create a go-to-market strategy that would place them in front of their ideal consumers, position them as a leader in the market and to help them achieve international notoriety on the day of their launch. A task that many companies strive for but at times don’t know where to began or how to leverage the right channels even after they find it.

Our Ease concierge took the time to understand Speakpulse’s desired target consumer. Learning where they spent their time online and what it would take to get them involved in the conversation. Allowing them not only to test the product but to also provide feedback and even share the application with other experts that would provide feedback as well. 


The destination that we found that would be best suited for this was ProductHunt. Our concierge came up with a strategy that would bring together the founders, freelancers and product reviewers. 

A strategy that lead to Speakpulse becoming the #2 product of today on ProductHunt. The #1 destination online for product reviews and here is how we did it:

  1. We created a new brand identity that would give Speakpulse a voice. A voice that would ask the consumers what challenges they faced related to speech and what type of features they would look for in an app that could solve those problems.
  2. Following that we also reached out to one of the top hunters on ProductHunt to ask his feedback about the application. While also showing him the traction and conversation around the Speakpulse app already. This created interest and eventually lead to him agree to be the one to hunt the app. Who your hunter is accounts for 70% of the exposure and value that you get from ProductHunt. We knew this and how vital it was to find a top hunter so we asked for advice which lead to interest.
  3. We then selected a launch date for the Speakpulse to go live online. We monitored the traffic of ProductHunt and picked the highest traffic day to launch the product at midnight. Giving us a full 24hrs to gain maximum traction online. 
  4. After selecting the date we mobilized a street team of peers and online influencers who’s opinions would carry wait when chiming in.
  5. We also created a Facebook Chatbot that qualified and funneled leads into the application and also made them aware of the ProductHunt launch date.
  6. We launched and began notifying those in our community that the Speakpulse application was live on ProductHunt. Within the first hour Speakpulse was the #1 product on ProductHunt and held that position for over 12hrs. 
  7. After an entire day we received notice that Speakpulse had become the #2 product of the day and that it would be featured in the newsletter going out to over 100,000 people. 
  • Speakpulse Achieved over 750 download in 24hrs
  • Reached over 300,000 people in 7 days
  • Developed a new consumer product allowing speech pathologists to offer speech services to those on the app in need.
  • Over 30% of the users stated that they would like to receive this service when asked.
This was one of our most successful campaigns and a strategy that we can now duplicate for other startups looking to find a scalable way to go-to-market with early success. The exact type of traction that startup investors like to see.