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Speakpulse Product Hunt Launch


When we first connected with Speakpulse they were in the process of developing their Minimal Viable Product(MVP). This was their first company and they wanted to make sure that they created something that matched their target consumers needs. Creating an application that is a full loop software that helps students and job seekers get ahead through strong communication skills, with higher confidence, and without fear of face-to-face interaction.

Our job was to create a go-to-market strategy that would place them in front of their ideal consumers, position them as a leader in the market and to help them achieve international notoriety on the day of their launch. A task that many companies strive for but at times don’t know where to began or how to leverage the right channels even after they find it.

Our Ease concierge took the time to understand Speakpulse’s desired target consumer. Learning where they spent their time online and what it would take to get them involved in the conversation. Allowing them not only to test the product but to also provide feedback and even share the application with other experts that would provide feedback as well. 


The destination that we found that would be best suited for this was ProductHunt. Our concierge came up with a strategy that would bring together the founders, freelancers and product reviewers. 

A strategy that lead to Speakpulse becoming the #2 product of today on ProductHunt. The #1 destination online for product reviews and here is how we did it:

  1. We created a new brand identity that would give Speakpulse a voice. A voice that would ask the consumers what challenges they faced related to speech and what type of features they would look for in an app that could solve those problems.
  2. Following that we also reached out to one of the top hunters on ProductHunt to ask his feedback about the application. While also showing him the traction and conversation around the Speakpulse app already. This created interest and eventually lead to him agree to be the one to hunt the app. Who your hunter is accounts for 70% of the exposure and value that you get from ProductHunt. We knew this and how vital it was to find a top hunter so we asked for advice which lead to interest.
  3. We then selected a launch date for the Speakpulse to go live online. We monitored the traffic of ProductHunt and picked the highest traffic day to launch the product at midnight. Giving us a full 24hrs to gain maximum traction online. 
  4. After selecting the date we mobilized a street team of peers and online influencers who’s opinions would carry wait when chiming in.
  5. We also created a Facebook Chatbot that qualified and funneled leads into the application and also made them aware of the ProductHunt launch date.
  6. We launched and began notifying those in our community that the Speakpulse application was live on ProductHunt. Within the first hour Speakpulse was the #1 product on ProductHunt and held that position for over 12hrs. 
  7. After an entire day we received notice that Speakpulse had become the #2 product of the day and that it would be featured in the newsletter going out to over 100,000 people. 
  • Speakpulse Achieved over 750 download in 24hrs
  • Reached over 300,000 people in 7 days
  • Developed a new consumer product allowing speech pathologists to offer speech services to those on the app in need.
  • Over 30% of the users stated that they would like to receive this service when asked.
This was one of our most successful campaigns and a strategy that we can now duplicate for other startups looking to find a scalable way to go-to-market with early success. The exact type of traction that startup investors like to see.
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Learn Silicon Valley Growth-Hacking (Without Spending Money)

We have a new opening for a marketing (growth-hacking) intern who will work directly on executing Silicon Valley growth hacking strategies for an innovative startup!
Project highlights:
– Learn and work with a CMO who helps run the largest growth hacking community in Silicon Valley
– Grow the startup’s community from 0 to +5,000 in less than 3 months.
– Hack Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for anything you want to work on in the future.
The strategies you’ll be executing:
– Beat Kickstarter by +40% .
– Led marketing campaigns for businesses in the +$65MM range
– Grew a community from 0 to over 70,000 travelers in less than a year
For the right candidate, this is comparable to the knowledge you would get from doing part of the intensive 12 week program at GrowthX for more than $15,000 . (https://gxacademy.com/programs/growthmarketing/)
We are looking for a 7-15 hour per week commitment depending on how fast you can growth-hack ?
You will be responsible for learning the strategies and executing on a weekly basis for 12 weeks.
This is a working project and your results ABSOLUTELY matter.
If you believe in the Freelancing Economy and are interested in learning how to get rockstar results on digital marketing, please send an email intro with your resume at info@itsease.com

Why Good Branding Design is Key to the Success of Your Startup

Branding design is key

As an entrepreneur involved in rolling out a startup enterprise you have a good amount to juggle. Facing many issues that you have to contend with the launch of your new venture.

One of the top things on that list is to establish the identity of your startup business. At the heart of creating this identity, which is fundamental to your ultimate success, is the development of a vibrant, impactful brand design.

Your brand design establishes the identity of your company

Many people use the cliché, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. An admonition that is applied to both individuals and startup ventures alike. While this is not always true, it does help you to challenge yourself to raise the standards of your business.

Now let’s think about what goes into establishing the foundational identity of your company. You must keep in mind that people respond greatly to visual stimulation. In the final analysis, barring a visual limitation of some sort, an individual initially processes his or her environment most profoundly by visually taking in what is around that person.

Prior to contemplating the test associated with a brand, a person will focus on, evaluate, and react to the brand design itself. It is the brand design that will leave a potential client or customer with his or her first impression of not only the product or service your enterprise markets, but with the identity of your startup itself. Your brand should focus on establishing a connection with the intrinsic motivators of the individual. Establishing an identity that matches the personality of your consumers persona.

Stand out from the competition

The vast majority of startups are not completely trailblazing a new market segment. This does not mean that there is an absence of originality or innovation to what you are doing, just that your enterprise is not going to be standing alone in the marketplace. You have competition and if they are good they are watching you.

Solid branding design is vital to startup success because, it sets a new venture apart from the competition. Good branding design is crucial to ensuring that your new enterprise does not blend in with the competition, but pops forward and stands out. Allowing people to recognize not only what you do but why you do it as well.

Design Experience Matters

You must have a solid concept pertaining to what you would like to see when it comes to your brand design. Once that is understood, you optimize the prospect of making that brand design vision a reality by engaging assistance from experienced professionals. There are millions of talented designers out there in the freelance world. That have significant experience in working with startups in developing effective, dynamic brand designs. Tap into this community and leverage the power of the freelance market place to grow your brand.

In summary, by accessing available resources, and recognizing the crucial importance of brand design in crafting a startup’s identity, a new venture is put on a firmer pathway for success. This includes not only the achievement of a positive rollout, but long-term success.

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Startup Hiring Made Easy: 7 Things to Know Before You Interview


The idea of working for a startup can be a very exciting for many people. Having the chance to get in at the ground level and make your mark on the company. The catch is that startups are different from multi-national companies (MNCs). A successful startup will focus on decentralizing power and giving you a chance to explore. You gain a greater level of responsibility and authority which results in a lot more freedom to work. This leads to more responsibility and authority which can give you a lot of freedom to work. You will not be able to find this in most MNCs at an early stage in your career because these roles are given to tenured employees.


There are many essential differences in the hiring policy of startups than that of large corporations. We will walk you through seven essentials attributes that startups are looking for.


Founding a startup doesn’t go well if you have a risk averse attitude. Founders of startups are very passionate about their dreams and are willing to take risks to build their dreams. Most founders at an early stage will personally interview their employees. They are looking for people that are willing to step outside of their comfort zone and where you achieved success by doing this in your past. They will be looking for actions and not words so don’t just tell them what they want to hear. Show them actions and the results of those actions.


When you join an early stage startup you are doing more than just taking a job. It’s almost like joining a family with limited resources. With everyone working together to support each other to keep the company moving forward. Expect to wear multiple hats and add value wherever you can. Multifaceted individuals with experience will have an edge when applying to work with an early stage startup.


Working at a start up is a very high energy and chaotic experience. You must maintain a level of ambiguity and still deliver meaningful, high impact work. Having the ability to sustain ambiguity will play a major role in your success. There will be many times where the decisions that your employer are making don’t make sense to you. Startups are looking for someone who can add value to their ideas versus contesting them.


While working in this chaos you will encounter many barriers. Interviewers are going to look for someone who is willing to push through these barriers. Not feeling defeated but instead getting excited about taking on new challenges.


The word innovation and startup are synonyms within the startup world. The mindset of pushing the world, an industry and the status quo to new limits that have never been achieved before. They are looking for people who also adopt these principles. Willing and able to scale with the company by innovating within their departments.


Startups have a considerably steeper learning curve than that of established organizations. New opportunities are presented each day and thus presenting new challenges. Individuals applying for a start up must have a greater willingness to learn, innovate and deliver. There will be many bumps in the road but the return on investment is great, both intellectually and fiscally if with the right company.


Your success in a startup is indicative of your ability to align with the company vision and the problem being solved. You must identify with the problem and truly believe that solving it for your consumer is the key that will drive you beyond any salary or promotion. You must have a shared belief and it is in both of your best interest to get into an agreement only if the organization’s vision aligns with the individual’s personal beliefs.


Serial Entrepreneurs: 5 Ways to Successfully Run Multiple Businesses

Serial Entrepreneurs: 5 Ways to Successfully Run Multiple Businesses

The life of serial entrepreneurs is a very unique one so we want to show you just a little about what it’s like and how to be a successful one. We would like you to spend some time thinking about all of the things it takes to start a business. Trying to come up with something that’s never been done before or finding a way to do it differently. Then trying to not only find your customer but also connecting with them over time. Constantly thinking of different ways to innovate and scale as leanly as possible. Then take all of that and multiply it by three or five times. That is the life of a serial entrepreneur.

Being a serial entrepreneur isn’t really just a choice that people make but instead an urge that they can’t fight. Becoming addicted to the concept of innovation and the implementation of new theories into real world.

Today we will discuss the secrets behind successfully running multiple businesses and the skills you need to become a profitable serial entrepreneur.

1. Don’t spread yourself thin

The majority of entrepreneurs face the exact same challenges and one of the greatest is finding enough hours in the day to get it all done. Many people in this situation try to do it all and ultimately end up doing nothing. Walking around constantly feeling defeated and as if they were sinking more and more each day.

While trying to do so much each fire begins to burn with equal intensity. Leaving you unsure of which one to prioritize next.

One of the greatest things that you can do is to just believe in yourself. Always pushing forward and knowing that in the end success in one business will lead to the growth of another.

One great way to do this is to take a step back and see where one of your businesses can benefit the other. Creating a blueprint in your mind of how each action will affect its constituents.

In the end it boils down to two things. Those two things are planning and focus.

With the proper plan in place it allows you to be proactive instead of reactive. Giving you a greater level of focus in the face of adversity.

2. Streamline your resources and energy

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have stated that even amidst all of there success and experience it’s still challenging to know where to allocate your resources. This is the most difficult when more than one of your businesses has a pressing issue at a time.

A key way to manage this and remain profitable is by sharing resources and leadership roles throughout companies.

Great examples of this is by utilizing a shared office space for all of your businesses. Cutting your costs greatly and giving the professionals of each company a chance to make positive collisions. Acting as potential advisors and establishing a support group.

When you have to move from one business to the next you must ensure that your time is maximized. Remaining focused helps serial entrepreneurs with getting the most out of their time. A great way to do this is by planning your day the night before. Never allowing yourself to just live day by day or the day will get the best of you every time. You could even take it a step further and plan out your week every Sunday. Challenging yourself each week to get the most out of your most valuable resource which is time.

3. Don’t sit lonely at the top

Even with the limited time that many entrepreneurs have they still feel the need to lead in many areas of the company’s direction. Feeling that only they know what is best for the company.

The problem is that you still only have 24 hours in a day and can only do so much. The best thing to do at this time is to take a step back. Focusing on creating Standard Operating Procedures that set your team member up for success.

People perform based on what they are measured upon so be sure to create SMART(Scalable, Measurable, Attainable, Repeatable and Trainable) goals. Then you will be able to implement processes that can be duplicated without your presence.

This allows for you to create powerful team members that can assist in making tough decisions. That ultimately give you more free time to focus on what you do best. Which is usually developing your brand and ensuring that each decision you make establishes a better connection with your consumer.

Once the people believe in you then they will inevitably believe in your product. Perception is reality so allow people to perceive your greatness and you will receive great results. Social media plays a major role in this so leverage it to your benefit.

4. Use your enthusiasm to drive your ventures

Make sure that you are focusing on the areas of your businesses that add the most value. Then filter through those actions even more and focus on the ones that add the most value but take the least amount of time.

Another barrier that many people face while trying to do this is communication. You must ensure that you have an efficient form of communication that keeps you connected with all of your businesses.

Make sure that you are using the tools that keep your team committed to completing tasks and eager to start new ones. This dedication is the most important quality a serial entrepreneur can possess.

Once you have created an efficient system everyone will be on the same page and focused on growth instead of being consumed by their challenges.

5. Get out of your own way

While focusing on creating something new people tend to forget to look for the white space in the market. Failing to remain up to date on the current trends which at times may lead to you having to pivot.

You have to get out of your own way and focus on the grow of your company. Putting your personal feeling aside for the best interest of your consumer. They are the true boss at the end of the day.

These are only 5 of the many building blocks of becoming a successful serial entrepreneur. If you can do these 5 things then you will be well on your way to achieving the greatness you desire.