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How Millennials are Shaping the Future of Work

In 2018, working Millennials comprise of 35% of the American labor force, according to Pew Research. Defined as those who are born between 1981 and 1996, Millennials represent the majority generation in the US workforce.

As the youngest generation in the workforce today, Millennials have the power to shape the future of work, and to transform the conventional expectations of a career. And where is that future heading? To the freelance economy.

According to a MetLife study report in USA Today, “Millennials were the most interested in contractual rather than full-time work, with 74% of those in that age group saying they were curious about freelancing.” That is a significant number. Compare that to Millennials’ elders: only 57% of Gen X and 43% of Baby Boomers felt that same way.

Redefining the Career Path

Generations are becoming more and more tech-savvy, and it’s no doubt that technology has been incredibly impactful on the lives and careers of Millennials. Jobs that exist today did not exist five or ten years ago, and companies have more knowledge and resources to source talent from all over the world.

Being in their twenties and thirties, Millennials are at the critical early-to-mid stages of their careers. They also have a unique understanding of work. For example, company loyalty and the corporate ladder are no longer the requirements — nor the expectation — to have a successful career.

In the aforementioned study, MetLife found that 40% of Millennials had the intention “to leave their full-time employers to work as a freelancer in five years.” Millennials are ready to redefine their careers and deviate from expectation, and they’re ready to start this change now. In fact, according to the Freelancing in America: 2017 study, 47% of Millennials are already freelancing.

Of course, Millennials are not the only ones looking to freelance. Over half of today’s workers expect that their positions and functions will disappear over the next 20 years. The freelance economy is growing at such a momentous rate that the Freelancing in America: 2017 study projects that, by 2027, a majority of the American labor force will be freelancers.

The Future is Freelance

The work-life balance and higher rate of income make freelancing a desirable career path for many. Especially for those who have financial burdens or family commitments, self-employment can allow flexibility that full-time employment cannot offer.

Freelancers experience different challenges, such as missing out on certain employee benefits, the risk of unpredictable income, and — for remote freelancers — lack of human interaction. However, to many these downsides don’t begin to counter the immense benefits of a freelance lifestyle, where a worker has much more control over their life, their work, and their career. While the stability of a steady paycheck may appear more desirable, 63% of freelancers believe that working with a diversified portfolio of clients is more secure than being employed by a single company (Freelancing in America: 2017).

The results are in. The future of work is freelancing. The older end of Gen Z (those born after 1996) are starting to work now, too, and the trend looks consistent. As an employer, are you ready to meet the demands of these generations? As a worker, are you ready to take your career into your own hands?

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5 Useful Tools For Turning Those Leads Into Sales

5 Useful Tools For Turning Those Leads Into Sales

We all know what it’s like to get so much momentum. Filling your pipeline with a massive list of leads that you hope to close. Well that’s when the hard part begins to set in. How do you actually close them and drive sales to back the momentum? We have created a list of tools that we know will help you with this.

1. GrowSumo – Turn customers, affiliates, and resellers into a powerful marketing team to grow your business faster with GrowSumo.
2. Mailshake – Promote content, build relationships, and generate leads with Mailshake. All you need is a Google account.
3. LeadGenius – LeadGenius provides delightfully simple sales and marketing services for your growing business.
4. Close.io – Close.io allows your sales people to spend more time communicating with your customers and less time on data entry.
5. Fileboard – Present, ScreenShare and Track Results from your Slide Decks and Live Sales Calls with Fileboard.

These are all great tools that we have tested and now we want to share them with you. What are some tools that you use to help develop relationships that convert to a close?

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Check Out Our Freelancer Toolkit Volume 1 For Top Notch Resources

Freelancer Toolkit Volume 1

As freelancers, we need tools to keep track of accounting, find royalty free content, follow up with prospects, scheduling, and much much more. Our goal is to help you to find all of those things with ease. Here is a list of great tools that we know will help move you forward.

Wave HQ: The fastest-growing software for small business accounting, invoicing, credit card processing and more.
FreshBooks: Small business accounting software that makes billing painless. Automate following up with clients for payments.
Xero: Beautiful accounting software that integrates with 500+ business apps like Squarespace, PayPal, Square and more.

Freelancelift: Advice, support, community and a clear path for your growing freelance business.
LocalSolo Freelance: Find the top freelancers in your city.
Freelancers Union: Community of 350,000 freelancers. Find health insurance, join in-person freelancer events, and more.

Free Stock Resources
Freepik: Helps you find free vectors, photos, illustrations, and PSD files that you can use in your web, banners, presentations, magazines, ads, etc.
Pixabay – Free Images: Repository for outstanding public domain images.
Unsplash: Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos.

Coolors.co: The super fast color schemes generator, just press the spacebar!

Font Squirrel: Free, commercial fonts and web-fonts.
Fonts.com: Web and desktop fonts from the world’s best foundries, including Monotype, Linotype, ITC & more.

Invisionapp: The world’s leading product design platform. We power the product design process for over 70% of Fortune 100 companies worldwide.
Marvel App: Turn your sketches and images into realistic prototypes for any device and get feedback. No coding required.
Proto.io: Create fully-interactive high-fidelity prototypes in minutes that look and work exactly like your app should.

Time Tracking
Toggl: online timer which offers simple and free web based time tracking, powerful reports and timesheet export.

What are some of your favorite resources?

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Learn Silicon Valley Growth-Hacking (Without Spending Money)

We have a new opening for a marketing (growth-hacking) intern who will work directly on executing Silicon Valley growth hacking strategies for an innovative startup!
Project highlights:
– Learn and work with a CMO who helps run the largest growth hacking community in Silicon Valley
– Grow the startup’s community from 0 to +5,000 in less than 3 months.
– Hack Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for anything you want to work on in the future.
The strategies you’ll be executing:
– Beat Kickstarter by +40% .
– Led marketing campaigns for businesses in the +$65MM range
– Grew a community from 0 to over 70,000 travelers in less than a year
For the right candidate, this is comparable to the knowledge you would get from doing part of the intensive 12 week program at GrowthX for more than $15,000 . (https://gxacademy.com/programs/growthmarketing/)
We are looking for a 7-15 hour per week commitment depending on how fast you can growth-hack ?
You will be responsible for learning the strategies and executing on a weekly basis for 12 weeks.
This is a working project and your results ABSOLUTELY matter.
If you believe in the Freelancing Economy and are interested in learning how to get rockstar results on digital marketing, please send an email intro with your resume at info@itsease.com

How You Can Travel for Free With Airbnb by Nathan Harris

How Can You Travel For Free With Airbnb?

There is no better feeling than packing your bags and preparing to go on your next adventure. It’s an even better feeling when you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with it. Far too many people miss out on opportunities to travel because they believe that they can’t afford it. The other issue is lacking the flexibility in their work schedule. If you aren’t locked down by your employer then you only have one of these things to worry about. Which is one of the many benefits of being a freelancer but even if you practice traditional employment you can benefit from this system.

I know that you are wondering just how can this be possible? How can someone travel for free with Airbnb and how can you make this happen for you? It’s actually not that hard and in this article I am going to teach you just how to do it. It has been proven that traveling not only broadens your perspective but is also teaches you to live in the moment, to value experiences over things, to become more easy going in unplanned situations and to be open to different ways of life. These are values that create the quality of life that I desire. By having the autonomy to live the life I deserve. While also maintaining a balance that allows me to work to better my life and not live to better my work. Something I preach constantly to people so that they focus on the true fruits of their labor and not the superficial ones. Now that’ve talked about the philosophy we can go into the system that makes this work.

Step 1: Discovery and Demand Analysis

The very first step is discovering what the demand would be for the place in which you currently reside. Yes this means you will have to rent out your home. Don’t shutter just yet as this is the key to it all. Pushing you outside of your comfort zone so that you can step into a better one. The demand will fluctuate based on your location and the volume of tourism in your area at certain times of the year.

I did this by creating a series of Google Alerts that would curate all of the content that I need to discover what events were coming up. Updating me on a weekly basis via automated emails with only the best results. You can also create an RSS feed for this if you would like by simply selecting that option instead of email.

I then use a free tool called Moz bar to analyze which keywords the top events pages are using to ensure that my google alerts are giving me the best assessment of upcoming events.

Step 2: Creating a calendar and getting your place listed

Once you have completed your analysis and have determined the best dates to book your place it’s time to get your place listed. We found that the best tool was Airbnb but there are other tools out there that can work just as well.

Creating your listing on Airbnb is very strait forward but there are some small tips I will give you.

  • Keywords: Make sure that you include keywords to the nearest and largest event coming up. Ensuring that your booking shows up when the guest search this specific topic.
  • Professional Photos: People love to see themselves in a place before they get there. Make sure that you have professional photos that tell the story of their home away from home.
  • Pricing: Airbnb will give you an idea of what you should price. I wouldn’t trust this blindly as it may or may not factor the accurate demand of the market for certain events.

Now that your place is listed you can create a calendar of events and then list your place for those weeks/weekends. Taking advantage of peak times in your area to travel to other areas of interest in off-peak times. With the right keywords and a strong listing your place will book extremely quickly. As stated this will fluctuate based on the area you reside. We are lucky with living in Scottsdale because the volume of tourism is high. We also have access to a wide array of weekend getaway destination just hours from home. Our place booked out for all of our listings within 48hrs of them being made available.

Step 3: Running The Math

This will all depend on how many dates per year you decide to book your space. We will base the math on an average booking of $200 per night.

  • Average Booking: $200 per night
  • Total bookings per year with average of 4 days. This is because most people book for extended weekend getaways. Let’s say we book for 4 trips per year which is far more than the average American. According to this article on travel habits of Americans roughly 42% didn’t take a single trip in 2014.
  • This would give you a $2,880 annual travel allowance once you subtract the 10% Airbnb fee.
  • We were able to book out roughly $6,000 worth of dates over the next year. Giving us a robust travel allowance to visit twice as many places this year. Many being weekend getaways as well as long term stays.

Depending on the destination that you wish to embark on this can cover all of it or part of it. Supplementing your travels and increases the quality of life that you live. This system is fairly simple but one that most people don’t take advantage of. I hope that this article has been helpful in providing people with an easier way to make their travel dreams come true. Now it’s time for us to book some trips so stay tuned as we will have a number of followup blogs. Covering our travels and others freelancers or people that take full advantage of the autonomy you gained by breaking away from that 9-5 “safety net”. This series will be called #lifewithease so follow us there and share your freelance lifestyle by using that hashtag as well.

If you have great content we will share your post via all of our media outlets to show just how great the life of a talented freelancer can be.

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Freelance vs Full Time: What is Best for You?

A lot has changed in the workforce over the past decade and now employers as well as workers are asking themselves the same question. Why should I seek freelance vs full time employment?

Until recently the traditional career path encouraged you to learn a specific skill through higher education, trade school or an apprenticeship, and then go out to find a job. You would look for a single company that offered the best long-term packages to meet your needs. Believing that if you just put the time in that you would be able to create a stable life. Then you would retire from that company. This idea began to fade as job security decreased, pensions became virtually non-existent, the average employee tenure dropped to under five years, and this number is even less for millennials at under three years. Leading employees and employers to finding more ways to have control over their destiny.

The long-term path still appeals to many people across America. However, the overall landscape of work available has grown immensely. This is because the economy has begun to shift more rapidly, technology is advancing, and working in a set physical space has become less needed and desirable. The possibilities have become almost limitless and have pushed people like you to want to work to better your life. Instead of living everyday to better your work. As an employee you are now focusing on living a fruitful life that also offers a level of work-life balance. As an employer you are looking to offer this balance and to obtain a greater level of flexibility in your budget.

Programmers, developers and digital marketers are the most suited for variability between freelance, contract and full-time employment. This is because their work can be done from remote locations and those that are highly skilled are in great demand.



Becoming a freelancer is almost synonymous with starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur. It requires you to not only have a certain set of skills, but you also must learn to grow your brand and business. You become the marketer, sales, accountant and the project manager in the beginning. Yes platforms like Ease help to solve a lot of these challenges but like any setting, some will do better than others. This is why we created resources like the Ease Academy. We will work to prepare you to take this leap so that you know exactly what you are getting into. Being a freelancer is hard but if you’re ready for it the rewards can be great. You can also receive and abundance of benefits by working with companies such as the Freelancers Union. An organization that brings freelancers together to share in group benefits plans and much more.


As an employer you have a wide array of benefits as well when it comes to utilizing freelancers. You don’t have to pay for many of the overhead costs that traditional employees would need. Things such as office space, health care, training or equipment. Allowing you to act as an agile shop with the visibility, variability and velocity you need to scale up or down within a matter of hours. Having access to highly qualified people working on the things you need to get done now. Traditional hiring consumes an abundance of resources and time. Sometimes taking weeks or months for human resources just to get the information and resources they need. Then even longer to be able to source and train their new team member.

A recent article by Forbes showed the following for the freelance economy in 2017:

  1. Continued growth of the freelance economy.
  2. The corporate world embracing freelance management technology.
  3. The convergence of Freelance Management Systems (FMS) and Vendor Management Systems (VMS).
  4. Corporations engaging more independent contractors.
  5. The rise of the data-driven workforce.

Take advantage of freelance vs full time employment and gain access to highly screened on demand talent ready to help you grow your business.

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Ease is Offering New Telecommuting Freelance Jobs

Who are we?

Telecommuting freelance jobs are what we specialize in. We are a software company that was created with an emphasis on creating business solution tools. Offering our first product which is a Freelance Management System. A cloud-based workforce solution that helps businesses manage their independent contractors and freelance workforce all in one place in addition to providing access to the top software developers, designers, copywriters, and digital strategists in the industry.

Ease is opening enrollment for new freelancers to apply to be a part of the Ease community. A community that is made up of the best remote freelancers across America. We have built a community of the best freelancers so that we can offer them the best freelance jobs out there. While actively working to educate companies across the country on the benefits of the gig economy.

Apply today if you are an experienced freelancer with the drive and discipline to manage yourself. While working from the comfort of your own home or drinking from a coconut on the beach. If this sounds like you then you should be working with Ease.

Content Marketing Manager Job Description

Ease is looking for some prolific and talented content creators to write and produce various projects and blog regularly, to expand our company’s and clients’ digital footprint, awareness, subscribers, and leads. This role requires a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and project management skills.


  • In-Depth training on the use of the Ease dashboard to manage numerous projects at a given time.
  • Create 1-2 free resources each month to drive leads, subscribers, awareness, and/or other important metrics (examples include ebooks, whitepapers, infographics, guides, etc.).
  • Blog on an ongoing basis in support of your other projects and to attract site visitors through search, social, and our email subscribers.
  • Grow our subscriber base by providing them regular, helpful content that’s in-tune with their needs.
  • Collaborate with designers, product marketing, sales, and external influencers and industry experts remotely to produce relevant content that meets the needs of both key stakeholders and our audience.
  • Convince others that your creative ideas are worth investing time and effort in. This role is at the core of the marketing team, and others will rely on your work every single day.


  • BA/BS degree or equivalent working experience with recommendations
  • Experience producing content for the web specifically, as well as channel-specific knowledge (blog, SlideShare, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Experience building audiences either online or offline.
  • Some graphic design experience for developing robust content that users will want to engage with.
  • A dual-minded approach: You’re highly creative and an excellent writer but can also be process-driven, think scale, and rely on data to make decisions.
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The Freelance Lifestyle is Now More Attainable Than Ever

The freelance lifestyle is on the greatest rise ever in America, according to the latest industry data. Why is this? It is because the freelance workforce is finally beginning to be recognized. They are doing amazing work and they’re living the digital nomad lifestyle they dreamed of.

The Data

Freelancers have already pulled in over $1 trillion so far in 2016. Growing from 53 million in 2014 to 55 million in 2016 and making up a full 35 percent of the U.S. Workforce. Louis Hyman, Associate Professor and Director of the Institute for Workplace Studies at Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations said “The freelance workforce is the fastest-growing component of the economy. Figuring out where it is going is the most pressing question of our digital age.”

The workforce only grew by one million from 2015 to 2016 but grew from 715 billion to about one trillion dollars in earnings. Freelancers are earning more and more each year. This leaves us to assume that more highly skilled workers are choosing to go into the freelance lifestyle. Focusing on the idea that you want to work to bette your life and not live to better your work.

Now take a deep dive into the data from the “Freelancing in America” report. This is the most comprehensive study of the U.S. independent workforce to date and you will see something great.

  • 63 percent of freelancers say they started more by choice than necessity: Up by 10 percent from 2014 and full-time freelancers are feel overwhelmingly positive about their work. They are also considerably more likely than non-freelancers to feel respected, engaged, empowered, and excited to start each day.
  • When you compare it to traditional employment, 79 percent of freelancers say freelancing is better. Half of them also stated that there’s no amount of money that would get them to take a traditional job and quit freelancing.
  • The majority of freelancers that left a full-time job say they made more freelancing than they did with an employer within one year.
  • Full-time freelancers also say they’re able to work less than 40 hours per week (36 hours/week on average). While making more money and feeling better about themselves.

The Future of Freelance Workforce

Some predictions show that the freelance workforce will make up half of the U.S. workforce by 2020. Even if it were to fall short of that goal, there is no ignoring that the freelance lifestyle is becoming increasingly attractive to people and why I, Nathan Harris, founded Ease. Making this lifestyle of freedom and professional fulfillment accessible from anywhere you are.

Reports also showed that 70 percent of freelancers want more discussion of how to develop and empower the independent workforce. This hidden group makes up over a third of the entire workforce. Making an immense impact on our society, the way we do business and our standards of what defines a quality life. Everyone in the world needs to be watching this movement with the goal of fostering this body of people. Allowing them to collaborate and ultimately innovate through numerous channels to create positive collisions.

The advancements in technology over the years have played a major role in the development of this community. If the freelance workforce was the Colorado River then the technology would be the Hoover Dam. Harnessing the power of this amazing group of people and giving them a place to connect. Then distributing their talents through the necessary channels to meet their consumers needs.

This is the future of not only America’s but the world’s workforce, so we hope that you’re ready for it.