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One Workplace – CET Designer Solution

one workplace

One Workplace came to us looking for a way to expand their talent reach outside of their geographical area. Talent within the San Francisco area is extremely expensive because of the highly inflated cost of living. Each year talent is moving outside from the area so the highly in demand talent such as the CET Designer that OWP uses have become hard to find.

This is a challenge that many companies face that are based within primary markets. A challenge that we have a great deal of experience with solving. Providing companies of all sizes access to our Ease Dashboard that allows for them to post jobs within it. Then their talent is filter using the following process:

  • We first took the time to understand the hiring team and their personality traits using psychometric, cognitive and skills assessments. The same assessments that we have each of our freelancers take to ensure that they are the right culture fit. 
  • After this we created a database of highly skilled CET Designers that had the right skills and personalities to succeed while working remotely. 
  • After this we reached out to Configura CET & Steelcase to establish a partnership that would allow us to be the first and only freelance marketplace to grant freelancers an on-demand license to CET and Steelcase Smart Tools Plugin.
  • This allowed us to create a unique marketplace that gave One Workplace access to talent outside of the San Francisco area. Giving them access to thousands of new CET Designers and saving as much as 40% per hire in the process. 
We were able to succeed at this by leveraging our proprietary freelance management system designed for managing large scale creative projects across geographical areas. Allowing teams to scale up and down as quickly as they need to and using our algorithm ensure that each team member added to those teams is both the right skill and culture fit.

With this model we can help large scale Interior Design organizations save millions of dollars per year by outsourcing work to the top CET designers in the US without sacrificing quality and accuracy. 


We are now expanding this offering to other Commercial Interior Design companies to connect them with the talent they need. Creating more jobs and giving those in non primary markets access to primary market jobs with Ease.