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#1 Remote Recruiting & Freelance Talent Management Software

Trusted By Leading Brands Around The World

We are the industry’s leading AI assisted virtual workforce solution that supports companies of all sizes and industries. Our globally-distributed network of top remote talent has collaborated to support companies through a wide range of digital transformations.

Hire Marketers

We have curated and vetted the top marketers that have helped companies scale from seed stage to enterprise.

Hire Developers

We have a community of experienced software engineers, coders and architects that have experience with an array of disciplines.

Hire Designers

Ease has a community of top notch freelance designers that range from UI/UX to CET Commercial Interior Design.

Hire Product Managers

We have digital product managers with a deep experience handling complex projects in industry like finance, ecomerce, HR and more.

Hire Certified Behavioral Consultants

You can access the industries leading behavioral consultant to drive employee feedback, run culture analysis and to determine the best talent for your company.

Access Our Freelance Management System

Your organization will have access to our dashboard that allows you to submit jobs, manage projects, communicate, share files, and it even uses AI assistance to match you with the best freelancers for your team.

How it works

We use psychometric, cognitive and skills assessments to drive success by ensuring the freelancer is the right fit for the job. While also providing a virtual workspace that has been designed with a remote first culture in mind and provides real-time feedback for all users.

Highly Screened Talent

We only connect you with the best and most in-demand talent in the industry.

End To End Management

Every corporate partner is matched with a dedicated talent partner to support them.

Freelance Management System

Our virtual workspace makes remote collaboration secure and easy.

We Are An All In One Virtual Workforce Solution

We provide you with an all-in-one solution for finding, managing and building effective distributed teams that are made up of the world’s most talented people who have experience in self-directed work.

Meet Our Founders

We are committed to creating solutions that customize the work experiences of people all around the world so that they can create the future of our society and work.

Saul Sutton

Co-Founder & COO

Supply Chain Operations & IT expert, former Amazon Logistics Manager who played a key role in launching Amazon delivery service in the US and their freelance flex operations. Saul also achieved the fastest ramp to mass capacity for a deliver station in Amazon history with his team.

Nathan Harris ease

Nathan Harris

Co-Founder & CEO

Nathan Harris is a serial entrepreneur, restaurateur and Co-Founder & CEO of Ease which improves organizational efficiency by providing a predictive talent management system that gives your organization access to a tailored and a screened pool of on-demand remote talent. As CEO Nathan has led Ease through the nationally ranked accelerator program gener8tor, the world’s largest corporate innovation accelerator Plug and Play Tech Center, and becoming backed by CSA Partners Venture fund. Nathan is also the creator and host of the #LIFEWITHEASE Podcast where he engages in deep discussions around how digitization is changing how we work, live and think.

Enterprise Virtual Workforce Solution

We will build you a custom enterprise workforce solution to connect you with premier talent and allow you to manage your workforce from anywhere.

Redefine Workforce Productivity

We will assess your corporate culture to create a custom solution that matches you with the talent you need in real-time. While also creating a real-time feedback loop to index your company culture at all time.

  • Increased operational efficiency.
  • Reduced turnover
  • Accurate internal and external hiring solutions based on skill and culture fit.
  • Live visibility
  • Consistent and accurate employee feedback so you can be proactive and not reactive.

We are here to not only help you scale but also retain the culture that your company built it’s foundation on.

Choose The Best Solution For Your Business

Give your team the support they need or build a full team with Ease.

Hire Top Freelancers

You are a small business that wants access to remote freelancers to support your growing business but without the full-time commitment.
  • Hire Vetted Top Freelancers
  • Individual Freelance Hires
  • Temporary Hires
  • End-to-End Support
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Access To Ease Discount Perks Network

Remote Recruiting Partnership

Utilize the Ease dashboard to access a network of top professionals with an AI-assisted enhanced profile to ensure that they match your skills and culture criteria.
  • Dedicated Remote Talent Partner
  • Hire Top Level Professionals
  • Match With Talent In Minutes
  • Former Fortune 500 employees
  • Culture Fit Analysis Included

Predictive Talent Assessments

Use our predictive talent assessments to create workflows that are tailored to your team members
  • Company Culture Fit Analysis
  • AI Assisted Hiring Portal
  • Certified Behavioral Consultant Assessment
  • Employee Feedback & Review Tracking
  • Workforce Analytics
  • API Integrations

We Provide Our Clients With Scalable Talent Solutions

We Helped Mobilize The Commercial Interior Design Workforce Across The United States


Our clients are like family to us and we want you to know their stories.

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